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CEO Dr. Umaru Labay-Kamara
Dr. Umaru Labay-Kamara, popularly called” Dr. Kamara” by his patients is trained as a Medical Doctor with a specialty in Psychiatry. He studied and completed his residency at Texas Tech University Health Sciences School of medicine. He has been practicing medicine for the past 20 years. He has been a staff psychiatrist and Medical Director at QCI Behavioral Health serving patients in Prince George’s, Calvert, St Mary’s, and Charles County. He was recently awarded a Dedicated Service Award for his dedication and service to his patients by the Prince George’s Department of Health. He is a member of APA and AACP. His primary objective is to provide Evidence-based, patient-centered individualized treatment.
Our Practice


Our primary objective is to provide our patients with individualized patient-centered evidence-based treatments both in-office and TeleHealth psychiatry.

We offer extended evening hours Fridays and Saturdays for all busy professionals and families


We Value:
  • Partnerships with individuals, families, and communities we serve.

  • Provision of person-centered services: individualized, appropriate services based on individuals’ strengths and preferences that identify the least intrusive, least restrictive, and most effective arrays of service.

  •  Treating people with courtesy and respect.

  •  Ensuring the most effective service outcome in the most cost-efficient manner.

  •  Continuous Improvement of all aspects of service delivery.

  •  Outcomes that can be measured, observed, demonstrated, and that positively affect each person’s quality of life.

  •  Timeliness in delivering services according to each person's needs.

  •  High satisfaction experienced by the people we serve, our staff, other agencies, and members of the community. 


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